Software development company aiming to lead South Korea

Dominate is a software development company that aims to lead South Korea. Our core value is the professionalism and growth of our abilities.
We will grow into the most powerful IT company in Korea that is responsible for customers with us.


ION-AGENCY is a DOMINATE’s company optimized for planning and consulting.
We conduct planning, marketing, and design processes for the success of our business and reversely suggest the most optimized development system to our customers.


Our biggest dream is to create a world where anyone can succeed with DOMINATE.
In order to achieve this vision, we prioritize the future of our customers over immediate sales and the results of our customers over immediate performance.
For those of us who are with us like this, there is no failure.


July 2021
SI business unit announced 40 million won in sales for two weeks
June 2021
Development of a solution using a grass quality system using VOCS and winning 30 million won.
May 2021
Patent application for 'Development of Business Prediction System Using (VOCS) Artificial Neural Network'
March 2021
After attracting 100 million won in investment, 60 million won in SI orders.
November 2020
Official registration of the corporation on January 13, 2021 after the formation of founding members for the start of the headquarters business plan